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Even if I hardly consider myself as an artist, people who know me tend to give me this attribute, as I spend most of my free time creating things for the others or just for myself. However, as I already had the experience to be self-employed, I learned thanks to this experience to stay down-to-earth and understand people's needs and wishes.

Personality : Hard worker and obstinate. That would be the two principal character traits to describe me. I do things with passion and have trouble to sleep before they're finished.

Studies and professional history brief : I studied in general design and specialised in fashion design before turning my career path to a sector in high demand in France and where the skills and knowledge are worldwidely recognised and respected : carpentry. I learned the job and exerced it as a sole trader, added a picture framing qualification to keep my foot in the artistic world.

Hobbies and passion : Beside my professional actvities, I keep myself busy during my free time by exercising and reading (to keep a healthy mind in a healthy body), and observing the wildlife far from the city and its crowd.

I also maintain my strong passion for Art and Design by creating artworks and commissions fro different purposes such as drawings, paintings, murals, framings, and tattoo design.

My favourite quotes

"Between what I think, what I want to say,  what I believe I say, what I say, what you want to hear, what you believe to hear, what you hear, what you want to understand, what you think you understand, what you understand... There are ten possibilities that we might have have some problems to communicate. But let's try anyway..."

Bernard Werber

"The talent doesn't exist. The talent is the desire to do something [...]. I think that wanting to fulfil a dream, this is talent and all the rest is work, it is sweat, it is discipline."

Jacques Brel

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